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Filati - Fiddle Sticks Mix - 5.3 oz.

Fiddle Sticks Filati mix is a great way to get a variety of colors to get started on your path to micromosaics.  Perfect for making mosaic jewelry and fabulous for details in larger mosaics.

Each piece varies in thickness, color and length, giving you a great range to design with.

Approx 1-3mm thick and 1/4"-2" long

Sold by the tube: each tube is 150 g (about 5.3 oz). 

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Cutting filati is very simple. Lay your filati on a flat work surface.   Using the diamond file, you make a light score line across the filati. You don't have to press hard to make the score, and it does not need to be scored all the way across or around the piece.

Once you have created the score line, position your thumbs and forefingers of each hand on each side of the score, with the score facing up between your thumbs.  Apply gentle pressure to snap it at the score.

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