Smalti - 218 Lavender Rose

Our byzantine mosaic smalti offers special advantages, facilitating applications on smooth or flat surfaces and providing a spectrum of shades within each color. So unique no two pieces are exactly alike.

All sides can be used, front, back or riven edge. Each side has its own unique qualities.

  • Smalti Coverage: 3 Pounds = 1 sq/ft.
  • Size of Individual Pieces: Approx. 5/8" x 5/8" x 3/16" thick. This product is handcut and size varies.
  • Pieces per Pound: Approx. 190 - 210
  • Suitable for floors, walls, all weather conditions in both residential and commercial applications.

Due to variations in color and availability, it is critical to order what you need to complete your project.

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